How to Disable Developer Options menu in Android

On some devices you are blocked from wiping data on Settings.apk in the gui.

This can still be accomplished via adb shell.

Start by connecting your phone, and verifying adb is working. Next we will connect to the phone directly by typing adb shell.

You should notice the prompt changed to your device model name. I performed this from a Galaxy S7 Edge which I was provided for testing.

hero2qltevzw:/ $ pm list packages -f settings

Our goal with this command is to identify the package name used for settings. In this case, we can see Samsung’s settings app is SecSettings2.apk and that it’s package name is still the default

Now we still need to wipe the data for this application (yes settings is just a regular Android app). Also, in most cases your wifi and bluetooth settings will be preserved as they are actually part of another application you seamlessly jump into.

hero2qltevzw:/ $ pm clear
hero2qltevzw:/ $

Once you reopen settings you will see the Developer options screen is gone.