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Stock Checker is the result of a school assignment I enjoyed programming. It runs off of a bash script used to scrape the Top 100 highest volume stocks from the NASDAQ. It's structure is as follows:

  • Main point of execution, downloads the raw .html from NASDAQ
  • tagSoup.jar: Used to convert the .html to .xhtml
  • Small python script that parses through the xml dom of the converted webpage and uploads it to a mysql database.
  • index.php: Small php file that opens a mysql connection, SELECTs the desired results and writes the data out as an html table.

I try to be polite to the site owner so the stocks will only refresh when the refresh button is pressed. Refreshes are limited to one minute intervals in order to remain within ICANN regulation.

Michael DeFrancesco
Student, Software Developer, Environmentalist

Trying to change the world with a Laptop and an IDE.

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